About the Project
"In The Year 2525" is a work in progress Science Fiction Novel that takes place in the 26th Century and stands as one possible outcome based on past and present real-world events which may inevitably shape our future.

The historical information used in this novel is based on real-life documents, empirical evidence and recorded testimonies pertaining to paranormal experiences, including sightings, alien abductions and demonic possessions. Over the past few decades governments, military and religious factions around the world have disclosed classified information to the public as they begin setting the world stage for a major life changing event. From the reader's point of view, this information will be revealed through the eyes of the story's main character, Irene Jameson, who will discover the answers to some of humanity's longest unanswered questions.

From cave paintings on Earth to ancient structures on the Moon, actual historical references have been researched and their results compiled to create an entertaining and educational Sci-Fi Novel designed for all audiences, including those who may otherwise be unaware of, or uninterested in the idea that humanity may have an untold history.
About the World
The story begins on June 18th, 2523 as the United States West Coast Metroplex experiences an early onset of a phenomena known as "Earth Changes", a belief that the world will enter a series of cataclysmic events causing major alterations to life on the planet through a series of natural events such as earthquakes, pole shifts, and solar flares; events that will make a significant impact on social, economic and political systems across the world.

With the sun's unusually high activity triggering major earthquakes along the Earth's "Ring of Fire", this technology dependent society stands on edge as it experiences for the first time in over a century sudden blackouts, disruptions rendering technology useless, and network outages creating havoc throughout the Automated Traffic Control Systems impacting all areas of society from transportation to the financial sector.

As panic mounts, evangelist Mary Camping takes to the streets with a strong pro-religious message that begins to take root across cities throughout the nation, and it was her accurate prediction on today's events that has earned her credibility and support for this movement. Her latest prediction reveals that rapture will occur soon, a message that causes a major social shift towards religious interest, and opposition from other spectrums of belief.

Meanwhile, rising tensions between the world's opposing super powers, The Allied Armed Nations (ARM) and The Coalition of Red States (CORE), have put the world on the brink of conflict as the Coalition makes major military moves on and off the planet, accusing ARM's Space Corp of weaponizing the sun after a "directed" solar flare eruption had destroyed a high value military station in orbit around Venus — a strike the Coalition considers to be an act of war.
About the Story
Irene Jameson, a college graduate on her way to joining the Space Corp Academy at the City of Earth, spends her last day on Earth running errands with her kid sister Charlene. Over the course of this day, Irene encounters several odd occurrences of an identity mismatch as Bioscanners, which are used to authenticate people through the Civil Database during transactions, identifies Irene as her late mother, Miranda Jameson.

These bioscan mismatches, which should be an impossible occurrence, will lead Irene to a locker at a local storage facility registered to her mother, an account that has remained active even after her death. With Irene's ability to pass as her mother, she finds this mystery locker and its contents.

What she finds, both amazing and startling, will take her on a journey of mystery and suspense as she becomes entangled in the greatest conspiracy of all time.